Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power Profile #003-Celia

Cybernetically Engineered Life-form: Android aka Celia

Gender:  N/A although it is created to look female

Power Classification: Enhanced

Sub-category: Artificial Life Form

Power Level: B-Class

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Affiliations: Stargazer, Alien Intervention Service, no team affiliations

Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability. Her eyes function as concussive blasters.


Celia is the creation of the machinist Julie Pierce (see Power Profile: Stargazer). Celia acts as a combination bodyguard, traveling companion and confidant during Miss Pierce’s travels. Celia is objectively more powerful than her creator, but seems wholly devoted. The pair of them have been a boon to the creation and rise of the Alien Intervention Service. Celia serves, along with her creator, as that branch’s most capable agents.

Relationships: Celia’s main relationship is with her creator, Julie Pierce (Stargazer). She seems to remain aloof to Miss Pierce’s other relationships.

Threat Level: Blue

While Celia is more powerful than her creator, her lack of human imagination lessens her threat. She shares the same threat-level as her creator.


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