Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power File #001-Stargazer

Julie R. Pierce aka Stargazer.

Gender: Female

Power Classification: Machinist

Sub-category: Suit/Gadgeteer

Power Level: C-class

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Affiliations: Alien Intervention Service, Douzeper Investigations, no team affiliations.


Miss Pierce is an unusually successful machinist. Most machinists fall rather solidly in either the Suit or Gadgeteer categories, but she legitimately belongs in both. She also created the android Celia (see Power File-Celia) to act as a bodyguard and companion. After her pivotal role in the San Francisco Affair, she was offered a position in the newly formed Alien Intervention Service.


Miss Pierce is still close with her father, while her mother passed away when she was 16. She is rarely seen without her android, Celia. She has also formed and maintained several close friendships among other, lesser, powers. Her most notable friendship is with the retired Innate hero Quickstep (see Power File-Quickstep). Her closest friendship seems to be with an Empowered private investigator (see Power File-Douzeper), to whom she gives the majority of her gadgets she doesn’t keep for her own use.

Threat Level: Blue

While cooperative and friendly at the present time, the sensitive nature of Miss Pierce’s work and the threat of her subverting our goals to her own agenda justifies the slightly elevated status.


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