Character Sketch-Erin Stahl

I enjoyed my first character sketch-flash fiction combo enough that I think I’ll make it a semi-regular feature. I welcome comments and will try to respond to each.

Pilot 3rd class Erin Stahl:

Erin is a fresh-faced 20-year-old pilot. She is the daughter of a prominent Federal Alliance world senator, Senator Franklin Stahl. Her mother is a doctor that works with the Stellar Relief Group treating plagues, Dr. Yolanda Stahl.

Erin rarely saw them when she was younger, coming to treasure those stolen moments when her Dad would wake her in the middle of the night for an ice cream snack or Mom would take her on a picnic. Most of the her time, however, was spent with various nannies, tutors and personal trainers.

She is a petite athletic blonde who is highly intelligent, yet socially awkward. Her father paid her caregivers well to put up with her tantrums and put in place strict rules she not be disciplined by anyone but her parents. This has left Erin with no sense of boundaries or how relationships, from superficial to deep, work.

She became a pilot through private tutoring, skipping the Stellar Academy most pilots attend. Deep down she believes that if she proves herself successful and interesting her parents may spend more time with her.

She wants to succeed on her own, and doesn’t know her father pulled some strings to get her current position.

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