A Bad Day At The Office

Now for my second attempt at flash fiction.

Phillip slipped his cell back into the pocket of his camouflage fatigue pants and ran his hand over his bald pate. The pulsing beat of the music seemed to match the throbbing vein in his neck, while his mood dropped to match the dim lighting. Usually, the sights and sounds of hundreds of young people screaming, laughing and writhing together didn’t bother him. Now the sight sickened him.

He cursed his ex-wife, the vile words drowned out by the cacophony around him. She kept letting their daughter run wild, and now his 15-year-old Jenny sat in jail for felony breaking and entering.

Even worse, the bitch demanded that he pay the bail or she would haul him back to court and get his visitation pulled. He could live without Jenny’s drama, but she wasn’t taking Adam away from him. It would be a cold day in hell before he allowed that to happen.

A disturbance two tables away from him broke through his dark musings. Two girls stood screaming at each other, fists clenched. One had multicolored dreads and multiple piercings on her face, while the other one looked like Barbie come to life. That is, if Barbie cussed hard enough to make a sailor blush.

Phillip moved to the disturbance. “What’s going on here?”

The blonde rounded on him and screamed, “This BITCH tried to make off with my BOYFRIEND!”

“Like HELL, SLUT!” Dreads screamed back.

Fists flew and Phillip moved between them, easily grabbing their arms and dragging them to the back exit. Arms used to benching over 300 pounds flexed and the two girls went tumbling to the ground in the alley outside. Phillip glared at them. “Don’t come back until you learn your limits,” he said and slammed the door.

The rest of the night went without a hitch. Phillip walked toward his apartment a few blocks away. He decided he would pay the bail, but Jenny was going to spend the day in jail. She needed the lesson.

He also decided that he would get his own lawyer and take his ex back to court for custody. He could use Jenny’s record and maybe get custody of Adam, at least.

Phillip, wrapped up in his thoughts, failed to notice the blonde girl walking toward him until he felt cold around his midsection. He looked into hate-filled blue eyes, and the cold changed to fire. Metal glinted through the cascade of blood on the blade.

As he sank to his knees, he thought, “I guess I won’t pay that bail, after all.”

I welcome any comments or critique.


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