Writing Challenge-Character

So I was reading Vikki Thompson’s The View Outside blog and came across another writing challenge: Chrys Feys Write With Fey 30 Day Writing Challenge. While I’m still up in the air about doing all of them, I did want to give #4: Create a character off the top of your head and give them a short history, a try. Plus, I’m going to write a little flash fiction in a second post using the character.

Phillip Montero:

Phillip (never Phil) is a 32 year old divorcee with two kids he sees every other weekend. He dotes on his son, who he sees as his chance to regain the athletic glory he lost when he blew out his knee. He has a strained relationship with his daughter, seeing too much of her mother in her.

He is a devout weight lifter, spending at least 3 hours a day at the gym. Lifting also helps him with his job as a bouncer at a nightclub. He is cold and aloof to everyone, except his son, his divorce having soured him on relationships. Phillip doesn’t “date” anyone he doesn’t pay.

Phillip likes to brag about his time in the service, even though the closest he’s ever come to the military is watching Chuck Norris movies. He shaves his head to hide the fact that he is going bald, and likes to wear black shirts with fatigue pants and combat boots, to reinforce his “military” background.

Wow, doesn’t seem to be a very likeable guy, does it? We’ll see how his story plays out.

Please feel free to comment on the character and any ideas you might have on what direction he should go.

J. Milburn


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