A to Z Challenge: H

So I was reading the Daily (W)rite blog by Damyanti when I noticed her post from the A to Z challenge dealing with H. The prompt was Hourglass and lo and behold something popped into my head. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to comment and critique.

Arinol leaned on his spear, shivering in the chill night. Hundreds of beckoning fires danced in the distance, each one representing 10-15 troops.

Probably closer to 10 after the day.

His watch partner, Severn, picked a path over and around the strewn along the walkway. The deadboys hadn’t reached his section of the wall yet. Arinol hoped they would hurry lest the spirits grow to attached.

Arinol shivered again just as Severn reached his side and flipped the hourglass atop the battlement.

“All clear,” Severn said.

“All clear, aye,” Arinol replied. “I’ll take the next round.”

Arinol failed to move, however. He just chewed his lip as he stood next to his partner.

Severn raised an eyebrow in question.

“Do you think he’ll come?” Arinol blurted out.

Severn sighed. “Aye, lad. He’ll come.”

Anguish crossed Arinol’s features. “But there are thousands of Dhalamites out there!”

Severn’s shoulders slumped and he rubbed his rough blood-stained hand over his face. “We’ve had this discussion for the past week, Ari,” Severn said. “The Prefect is the greatest hero Solarn has ever seen. He will come with reinforcements. Have faith.”


A catapault fired and something flew overhead, cutting off Arinol. Cries of dismay and screams of “Prefect” reached-

“Time!” the instructor shouted. “That was a very nice creative story, Sandy. Next time, try to stay within the time limit.”

She flipped the hourglass at her desk. “Next!”


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